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"We find no peace for our weary bones unless we cling to the word of grace." - Martin Luther (via godmoves)

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Traci Lords during the filming of John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)
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The thing about horror movie situations is imma do my best to help you but if we running and you fallin or we hidin and you whimperin and sobbin, that’s it! I can’t do nothing else for you! You have made the choice to be a damsel in distress and boo this ain’t Camelot I have 0 time to die

"You never lose by loving. You only lose by holding back." - (via thedailypozitive)


Your death, near now, is of an easy sort.
So slow a fading out brings no real pain.
Breath growing short
Is just uncomfortable. You feel the drain
Of energy, but thought and sight remain:

Enhanced, in fact. When did you ever see
So much sweet beauty as when fine rain falls
On that small tree

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Put a ring on it. #OITNB
"You may not be there yet, but you’re closer than you were yesterday." - (via thedailypozitive)

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