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72 Degrees in the shade.
The Animated Self Portrait 
T.S Abe

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things you don’t point out about people:

  • acne
  • cuts
  • Scars
  • body hair in places you’re not used to it being???
  • fat rolls/curves
  • how much/how little they’re eating
  • how skinny they are/what bones they can see because of how skinny they are
  • How fat they are.
  • If they have crooked or misaligned teeth maybe even yellowed
  • If they sweat a lot

don’t do it


it’s just rude.

(Source: fishingboatstops)

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If you are in the middle of tough times today, look to Jesus! The Bible says that He is the Author and Finisher of your faith. He is the one who writes faith on your heart and then develops it to completion on the inside of you. Your part is to open your heart and choose words of faith and victory.

Remember, your words set the course for your life. As you remind yourself that your troubles are only momentary and confess your trust and hope in Him, you will see His hand moving in your life. Focus on that eternal glory every day. As you do, you’ll move forward in victory and experience all He has for you!

so much emotions.

MAC girls make $16/$17 an hour and I’m over here crying because we only have a MAC makeup counter in Macy’s. 

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